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Project Details

Client: Macmillan

Date: July 1, 2015

How do you keep a classic Children’s book fresh and exciting from year to year?

We wanted to show Macmillan books how they could refresh one of their most beloved Children’s titles, and bring it into the digital age. Dear Zoo was the perfect title: as a simple flap book, it was already interactive, and leant itself to a digital reworking. The flat graphics were easy to work with, and we had great fun creating the prototypes.

The first storytelling experience we prototyped was an online adaptation using WebGL. To demonstrate that we could create a rich, immersive 3D experience in the browser, so there were minimal barriers to entry for the parent and child. The other thing we tried was an Augmented Reality experience using the book itself as a marker; the interactive media is then rendered in an app, including audio.

We believe that Augmented Reality is a great way to enhance the Storytelling experience; as long as it doesn’t detract from the reading, and can be educational and fun.